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Silicone Baby Bibs + Waterproof Pouch (Pink & Purple Set)

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  • ★ All-In-One Bundle Pack: Included NatureBond Waterproof Pouch for storage and for outdoor usage. Waterproof pouch prevent diaper bags from getting dirty due to food remains in silicone bibs.
  • ★ High Quality Baby Bib. Hassle Free - Easy to clean and wash. Dishwasher safe.
  • ★ Improved version comes with 4 tightening buttons (previous version is made of 3 buttons) which secure the bibs and make it harder for toddlers to pull it apart. Wider angle and bigger catchment area to catch falling food
  • ★ Safe for babies – Food grade silicone and BPA free. NatureBond Silicone bibs are PVC free. Suitable for ages 4 months ++ and above
  • ★ Gorgeous Colors – Designed in customised color mixture based on NatureBond’s Appetizing Colors Concepts. Available in gender neutral colors (Lemonade Yellow & Tangerine Orange) that are suitable for both boys and girls. Proven by food science and nutrition research, appetizing colors are useful in stimulating toddlers’ appetite and enhancing one's abilities to absorb nutrients during food consumption. And most importantly, Baby Bib, A Happy Baby -> A Happy Family !!
Cotton Candy Pink and Macaron Lavender
Lemonade Yellow and Tangerine Orange
Lemonade Yellow and Marshmallow Green

Happy Baby, Happy Family